Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvest time already?

The end of summer is coming closer a day after a day. I recognized that autumn is approaching in my Gardener's Journal too - there is a harvest time. I have stitched two little patches, 'Garden tools' and 'Vegetable patch'.

We have this year a lot of wild raspberries in the forest. Our family has eaten a lot of them. Our family's delicace is a mocha-raspberry cake and now I have to hotfoot if I want to get a piece of it.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Building up a first block

I have'nt made all the stitcheries of A Gardener's Journal quilt, but I could'nt help myself to building up the first block of the quilt. I have cut almost all pieces of quilt block fabrics now and I just wanted to see how it'll look like together. Some of the pieces are quilt tiny but I like that it makes the quilt look like a full of life.

Meteorologists in TV have promised the sun is shining and no raining in this weekend here in Finland. Let's take on all heat of this lovely weekend in case of dark and cold winter days.

Have a nice weekend!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hand quilting links

Thanks for your lovely comments in my earlier post! Here are all links about hand quilting which I got from Karen. Maybe they will help somebody else too.


My main problem was that the quilt was pulled too tight in the hoop. There is a video in the second link in which you could see clearly how loose the quilt is pulled - this was the biggest and the most important perception for me.

I wish you 'rocking needles'!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

I have a dream

I have had big problems with hand quilting. I have read many guide books but I have'nt caught on the technique of it. I have dreamed that some day my stitches will be even and beautiful but at same time I have been almost sure that it never will happen. Because I can't learn it. But now my dream is stronger than ever! I do believe it can be true, some day.

Thanks to one wonderful people here in blogland! I asked help from Karen about hand quilting. Karen is a very talented quilter and I have frequently visited in her blog and admired her fabulous work. Karen sent me some tips and links to quilting videos which I watched through. And guess what happened when I took my quilt and tried to follow advice - my needle begun to rock for the first time!!! I don't know why I suddenly felt it easy ... THANK YOU KAREN, you are so lovely and helpful person. Now I have to practise 'needle rocking' in order to quicken my quilting. But because my fingers are now sore and my shoulders are aching - I have to contain myself a few days.

There has appeared some new stitcheries in A Gardener's Journal: 'Putting the seeds' and 'Smelling the roses'. Only three stitcheries to go before starting to build up the blocks.
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Friday, July 31, 2009


I have made some shopping via internet. And in this week my packages have kept a local postman busy :) Today arrived a packet from Cotton Patch (UK). It carried a qulting hoop with a lap stand! I have'nt had my own quilting hoop since I have borrowed my friend Virpi's hoop. Now I can return it and I have to learn how to use my own hoop - how thrilling!

Do anybody have alike? I love to hear what you have liked it. And maybe you can give me some tips with it ...

The hoop was'nt the first postpackage which I got. Earlier in this week I got a package from Sweden. Lapp-Elisa is just celebrating her 8 years in business and she had a wonderful offer of AnnAka patterns in 22th of July: buy three AnnAka patterns and Elisa will choose the fourth pattern for free. I have looked up to many Norwegian quilters who have made wonderful table cloths designed by AnnAka. So I could'nt help myself to catch hold of the offer - here you see the result. And the free pattern which Lapp-Elisa chose me was Lovise's veske pattern.

Have a nice weekend!
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